Submitting/Retrieving Work (Turnitin)

Turnitin’s Originality Check helps instructors check students’ work for improper citation or potential plagiarism. Turnitin shows how much of the student’s paper matches content from internet resources, journals, periodicals and prior student submissions.

Things That Can Go Wrong: (File Requirements)

There are several scenarios that will prevent you from submitting work.

  1. You MUST close the application you are working in, before attempting to upload a file. If for example, you are editing a MS Word file, save it, but keep Word open, you will not be able upload the file.
  2. If your file is larger than 40-Mb you will not be able to upload the file. The maximum file size is 40-Mb–period!
  3. If the assignment is set to allow only file types that Turnitin can check for originality, Turnitin will only accept files that can generate Originality Reports.Note: If you are using an unsupported word processor, you may need to save your plain text file as .txt or .rtf in order to upload to Turnitin.

Submitting Papers as a Student within Blackboard
Learn how to submit a paper in an accepted file format using the single file upload method.

Accessing Instructor Feedback
Instructors can mark up student papers online with GradeMark.

Resubmitting to an Assignment
Some assignments may allow students the ability to overwrite their previous submissions until the due date and time set for the assignment.

Using PeerMark to Peer Grade Other’s Work
PeerMark assignments allow you to read, review, and score or evaluate one or many papers submitted by your peers.