Enrolling as a Teaching Assistant (TA)

There are two ways for you to become a teaching assistant in a Blackboard course.  The first way is to contact the course’s department course scheduling coordinator and request that the coordinator enroll you as a teaching assistant for that course in USC’s Student Information System (SIS).

The second way is to contact the course’s instructor and request that he or she manually enroll you as a Teaching Assistant in the Blackboard course.  To do this, the instructor would need to:

  1. Open the course on Blackboard
  2. On the Control Panel, under Users and Groups, click Users
  3. Click Enroll User
  4. In the Username box, enter the TAs user name [e.g., ttrojan]
  5. Under Role, choose Teaching Assistant
  6. Click Submit.

You can contact the course’s instructor in person, in class, via email, or via telephone [you can find a searchable version of the campus’ Faculty, Staff, and Affiliate directory at https://my.usc.edu/wp/faculty/SearchForm.do].

Please note that it is not possible for you to be both a student and a TA within the same course. Federal law [FERPA] and University policy both specifically prohibit students enrolled in a class from being able to modify their own grades or to view or modify the grades of other students enrolled in that same class. Blackboard automatically verifies and, if necessary, resets each student’s course access permissions several times a day.